Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

Botanical Name: Evernia prunastri


General description of Oakmoss:
A light green lichen found growing primarily on oak trees, but sometimes other species.


Extraction of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil:
The absolute essential oil is produced by solvent extraction from the lichen, which has often been soaked in lukewarm water prior to extraction.


Characteristics of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil:
A pale yellow or olive viscous liquid with a dry earthy, odour, quite true to nature.


Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil blends well with:
Oakmoss absolute blends well with orange, jasmine and lavender essential oil. Synergy blends with Oakmoss absolute brings a feeling of relaxation immediately.


Blending Suggestions:
A maximum dermal use level of 0.1% Oakmoss Absolute is recommended by Robert Tisserand in Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition.


Main therapeutic properties of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil:
The oil is a fixative.


Uses of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil:
The oil is used in soaps, hair preparations, and in perfumery to lend body and rich natural undertones to all high - class perfume types.


Effects of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil:
Antiseptic, demulcent, expectorant, fixative.


Safety warnings for Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil:
Avoid use with small children, elders, epileptics, pregnant and/or nursing women.
Caution: Pregnant and lactating women and people using prescription drugs should consult their physician before using any of our oils. For external use only. Essential oils are not to be taken internally or ingested. If you are pregnant or have special medical conditions, please consult a doctor before use.


Oakmoss is not a true flowering plant but a lichen (algae + fungus) that is extracted for its fragrance. They grow well on trunks of the Oak tree. Oakmoss absolute is a resin-like viscous liquid with an extremely intense aroma reminiscent of a damp forest floor. Oakmoss absolute has the consistency of a very sticky paste and a smoky oak smell. Oakmoss Absolute Oakmoss smells like damp bark with a bit of seashore thrown in - comforting and steadying on a deep level. Many consider it effective in money spells, and it definitely works well as an Elemental Earth scent. Try in combination with other Earth scents for a grounding oil or as an ingredient in Druidic or Celtic oils. Because it grows on oak trees, you might also consider this herb for scenting natural perfumes dealing with dependency (or the fear of it). Oakmoss evaporates slowly and so will stay in a combination for a long time. Its character as a scent, then, is a lot like its character as a plant - slow and foresty - and like the nature (pun intended) of Earth magick: moving to a geological clock. It's wonderful in forest-type pot pourri blends. Wylundt considers this a Moon scent, and perhaps that fits with the touch of seashore in its fragrance. To me, though, it is all Earth - deep, dark, moist. It is very difficult to work with oakmoss absolute in its undiluted form--it's very thick and sticky stuff. It has to be warmed to make it pourable. Then dilute it with nine times as much volume of your carrier of choice, either jojoba, or almond oil, or ethanol; an absolute is ten times as strong as an essential oil, so it must be diluted to be used. I use a double boiler to warm oakmoss absolute and pour it into the bottles, from which I have removed the orifice reducers. The absolute is extracted from Evernia prunastii in Yugoslavia.

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Oakmoss Absolute Essential oil, Pure and Natural

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Oakmoss absolute essential oil is a steadying, deep fragrance. Its forest-like, earthy scent is versatile for use in many types of perfumes and it is wonderfully suited for use in soaps and hair treatments for its rich, natural smell.
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