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  1. Oakmoss Icon

    Oakmoss Absolute Essential oil, Pure and Natural

    Oakmoss absolute essential oil is a steadying, deep fragrance. Its forest-like, earthy scent is versatile for use in many types of perfumes and it is wonderfully suited for use in soaps and hair treatments for its rich, natural smell. Learn More
  2. Cedarwood Icon

    Cedarwood Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

    Cedarwood essential oil is a popular aid used for meditation and relaxation, and is perfect in everyday use as a room freshener in a vapouriser. In a massage blend, it increases circulation and soothes muscles and joints for arthritis sufferers. Learn More
  3. Juniper Berry Icon

    Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

    Juniper Berry Essential Oil is an invigoratingly spicy aroma. It stimulates thought and focuses the mind on challenging situations, encouraging vitality and positivity. It helps stimulate the digestive system and can soothe arthritis pains, flu and chest infections. Learn More
  4. Cypress Icon

    Cypress Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

    Cypress Essential Oil is a woody, balsamic aroma most useful for reducing perspiration and sweaty palms and feet. Used in a vaporiser or a few drops on a tissue can soothe symptoms of asthma, coughing and other respiratory problems. It is perfect for use in homemade perfumes and aftershaves. Learn More
  5. Pine Essential Oil Icon

    Pine Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

    Pine essential oil has a balsamic, resinous aroma, causing an overall cooling, invigorating and refreshing effect. The scent stimulates the brain while easing fatigue and mental exhaustion, making it useful in a vaporiser when you want to lift the mood of a room. This also makes it effective in countering depression, anxiety and lethargy. Learn More
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