Real Essence Organic Shampoo and Organic Shower Gel User's Stories

Watch what Real Essence Organic Shampoo and Organic Shower Gel Users have to say about the products they uses. They were so happy with our products that they are happy to share their stories with you. They have not been compensated or paid in any way for their testimonies. They’re just happy customers!

Find out more how our products may help YOU lead a chemical free life.


At St. Andrews Market

“Very happy with the product, very nice smelling shower gel…”




Another user
At St. Andrews Market

“Feels great! Leaves a good feeling, cleanse well. Feels natural as well…”




Another user
At Daylesford SundayMarket

“Using for many months now, finds it to be fantastic…”




A stall holder at St. Andrews Market

“Blue Ocean shower gel have been very helpful in healing his hands…”

Ms. Beautiful Hair
Just have to use once only

“She found it to be very good for her dark locks...”

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