Bergamot Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia


General description of Bergamot:
A small tree, about 4.5 metres (15ft) high with smooth oval leaves, bearing small round citrus fruit which ripen from green to yellow much like a miniature orange in appearance.


Extraction process of Bergamot Essential oil:
Cold compression of the peel of the nearly ripe fruit. A rectified or terpeneless oil is produced by vacuum distillation or solvent extraction.


Description of Bergamot Essential oil:
A light greenish - yellow liquid with a fresh sweet - fruity, slightly spicy-balsamic undertone. On ageing it turns a brownish - olive colour. It blends well with lavender, neroli, jasmine, cypress, sandalwood, black pepper, ginger, clary sage, rosemary, frankincense, geranium, lemon, chamomile, juniper, coriander and violet.  


Main therapeutic properties of Bergamot Essential oil:
Analgesic, antiseptic, anti - depressant, anti - spasmodic, carminative, cicatrizant, deodorant, digestive, febrifuge, sedative, stomachic, tonic.


Uses of Bergamot Essential oil:
Skin care: Acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, insect repellent and insect bites, oily complexion, psoriasis, scabies, spots, varicose ulcers, wounds.
Respiratory system: Halitosis, mouth infections, sore throat, and tonsillitis.
Digestive system: Flatulence, loss of appetite.
Genito - urinary system: Cystisis, leucorrhoea, pruritis, and thrush.
Immune system: Colds, fever, flu, and infectious diseases.
Nervous system: Anxiety, depression, and stress - related conditions, having a refreshing and uplifting quality.
Bergamot oil is used as a fragrance and to a degree; a fixative in cosmetics, toiletries, suntan lotions and perfumes-it is a classic ingredient of eau-de-cologne. Widely used in most major food categories and beverages, notably Earl Grey tea.  


Effects of Bergamot Essential Oil:
Bergamot is cheering, uplifting and calming. It has a regulating effect on the appetite. Bergamot is reviving, soothing and balancing. It is hear-warming and has an affinity with the heart chakra, gently relieving sadness, depression and grief.  


Safety warnings for Bergamot Essential Oil:
Certain furocoumarins, notably bergapten, have been found to be phototoxic on human skin; that is, they cause sensitization and skin pigmentation when exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use if you have very sensitive skin or before exposure to sunlight. Extreme care must be taken when using the oil in dermal applications - otherwise a rectified or " bergapten - free" oil should be substituted. Available information indicates it to be otherwise non-toxic and relatively non-irritant. Use no more than 3 drops in the bath.
Caution: Pregnant and lactating women and people using prescription drugs should consult their physician before using any of our oils. For external use only. Essential oils are not to be taken internally or ingested. If you are pregnant or have special medical conditions, please consult a doctor before use.  


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Bergamot Essential Oil, Pure and Natural

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Bergamot essential oil has a refreshing scent that is delightfully rich and fruity. Its properties are ideal for use in topical skin care, treating acne, skin infections and blemishes. It blends well with citrus and floral oils to create an atmosphere that soothes frustration, anger and bitterness.
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