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----Who We are----

We always loved smelling the essential oils from the bottles & saying "WOW". So we thought, we would ask you to smell them too!

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All our products are made from ingredients that occur naturally. They are free of nasty chemicals and are environmentally friendly. If you want to live chemical~free, we have some products that may help you achieve a better quality of life. Our products are never tested on animals.

We at Real Essence source essential oils from all over the world. These oils are derived from good quality naturally grown plants or trees. We do not dilute the oils when we repack them into our 10ml, 50 ml and 100ml bottles. The aroma lasts a very long time, provided the bottle is stored properly.

Things that you will find from us

Essential oils
Synergy blends of essential oils
Hand crafted organic Soaps
Organic Chemical free Shampoos
Shower Gels, beautifully scented, also organic

We are only a family run business. We live in the suburbs of Melbourne. Very near to the Mount Dandenong Ranges. We make all our soaps and shampoos and shower gels. We source all our essential oils that we put in our products. We also repack the oils for retail purchases. Some of the oils that we stock are not available very easily in Australia. Like Tuberose oil, Rose otto and Jasmine oil. We play around with different combinations of essential oils and thus we have a great range of synergy blends.

Usually all members of our family contribute some time and effort in the business. Thus it becomes fulfilling and sometimes exhausting, to be frank.


To all of you, from all of us at Real Essence Store - Thank you and Happy browsing!


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